When you are looking for a coach, someone to help you reach your goals, someone like Lorena is exactly who you hope to find. Her knowledge and expertise as a coach is unparalleled and she uses those skills to achieve personal and professional growth. She invests completely in her clients in order to build a foundation of mutual respect; with that shared foundation in place, together there is a freedom to focus on self-awareness, self-actualization, motivators and detractors. My hope is that everyone gets an opportunity to work with a coach like Lorena.

Jennifer Wright
Sales Enablement, Red Hat Software

I was fortunate enough to meet Lorena and she and I have established a long-term coaching relationship. Reflecting on our initial session compared to my effectiveness now, I have developed and strengthened my perspective about how I lead based on working her coaching. Lorena’s approach to coaching is invaluable because she coaches all facets of an individual; personal and professional. I envision us working together for a long time.

Tim Parker
Coaching Client, Q2 Solutions

Lorena is a remarkable business executive and coach because of her unique ability to quickly identify issues and work towards solutions. Her own successful business experience provides invaluable insights on how to work in our modern diverse global workplace.  I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to advance their career and/or just needs a sounding board as she helped me many times over the years.

Deena Wegner
VP of Business Operations & Co-Founder, Drug Safety Navigator, LLC

As an executive coach, Lorena has been an integral part of our unique, Leadership Immersion Capstone program for a select group of high potential leaders.  As an executive coach for the last five years, she has made a significant impact on the lives of many both professionally and personally.

Mindy Storrie
Director, Leadership Development, UNC Kenan-Flager Business School

Dave Bond has played a vital role in the continued growth of our senior leadership team. With his guidance, we have developed stronger relationships among team members built on a foundation of trust, transparency, and improved communication. Dave has also helped me develop my own personal leadership style. Through one-on-one coaching sessions, I’ve gained important tools for sharing my vision with others and forming a highly effective team.  

Rachel Ash
Associate Director, Arts Everywhere at UNC-Chapel Hill

As our team coach…David helped us as a team determine what to expect from one another and how we wanted to move forward with deliverables for our project. He also helped us move out of our own way when our focus was not on the project at hand, but was on items that we had no control over. This coaching allowed us to then do this as a team and better self-regulate.

Tracy Gossling
Chief Nursing Officer, Duke University Hospital

As my coach….David provides insight to me on my leadership style and how I can continue to grow and develop in my role by providing tools, moments of inflection, as well as honest discussion.

Tracy Gossling
Chief Nursing Officer, Duke University Hospital

Lorena has custom-designed and delivered various workshops on leadership, inclusion and diversity. She and her team first sought to understand what we were already offering and then partner with us to identify gaps that existed where she might enhance the overall skills of the participants. She possess keen insights which relates well to all types of audiences, She and her team deliver the highest quality products.

Mindy Storrie
Consulting Client, Director, Leadership Development