Organizational Consulting

When you are faced with business challenges, having the right individual or team of people is paramount. It’s invaluable to have someone who can tackle the issues and devise winning solutions. You need people who possess leadership skills and drive success across diverse groups, while leading them to perform at their best and collaborate effectively as a team.

Partnering with Pinnacle Leadership Consulting to assist you in developing your leadership and team talent will ensure that your people are engaged and able to perform. Our team of experienced leadership development professionals understand that these investments have long-term benefits that keep you competitive and allows you to retain and attract the talent you need.

We help companies improve their team’s skills by delivering training that is effective, research-based, and tailored to the needs of your organization. Whether your business is in the start-up phase or the maturity phase, we’ll work with you to build a high performing workforce.

Proven Consulting Experience

Building Teams

Organizations face complex competitive challenges and this requires teams to be agile and collaborative. The ability to collaborate and function as flexible entities will support the success of your enterprise.   Pinnacle Leadership Consulting is skilled at conducting team assessments as well as creating interventions and training that produce strong, engaged team members that are aligned with the goals of the organization.

Developing Skills

Leaders need skills that combine leadership competencies with emotional intelligence.  Integrating intellectual performance with heart and awareness of how a leader “shows up” will define how successful the individual will be over the long term.  Our assessment-based approach to creating customized training and development initiatives incorporates tools and principles from world-renowned research and assessment intuitions.

Leveraging Differences

Today’s workforce needs to possess skills to successfully thrive in a global world of differences where they will encounter diversity of race, ethnicity, culture, socioeconomic status, religion, generation, gender, gender identity and countless other categories.  In order to achieve business success, creating winning teams that leverage differences is key. Pinnacle Leadership Consulting delivers customized diversity and inclusion training that assist individuals in gaining the required skills to effectively work together.

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Why Clients Choose Pinnacle

Commitment to Quality

We are committed to delivering an unparalleled level of solutions and services that are based on cutting edge practices and research-based analysis. We don’t settle for the obvious solution, we find the best solutions. The success of what we do is based on tapping into our highest quality thinking and idea generation. We continually challenge our approaches and thinking to ensure that our clients get the best from us.

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We Care About You and Your Business

We view our client relationships as partnership, not transitions. We work hard to contribute to your success. The alliance we create with you ensures we are all focused on what is important to moving you forward. When you achieve, we celebrate your accomplishments. When you are challenged, we work harder with you to overcome the obstacles that block your path to success.

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We are Flexible and Agile

Our coaches and consultants respond to your needs with agility and flexibility because we are unencumbered by unnecessary hierarchy that slows the process of finding solutions to your needs. We adapt as your needs change, with a speed and efficiency that larger firms just can’t match. Yet our consultants deliver world class thinking based on their years of experience working in larger organizations.

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